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Updated Full Tap and Bottle List for the Independent Bar Tampa


Tasting Tampa dot Com: Tasting Tampa's Top Ten 

A nice nod from our friends over at Tasting Tampa ... chalking up some of their fav. neighborhood eats.

"The Independent – Aah, the Indy.  Many a memory has been made at the Indy, and while we’re being honest, many a loss of memory too.  Craft beer, live music, cool bartenders, yummy sammiches & brats, and a really laid back décor make this a neighborhood staple."


Tampa Times: Beer Week "The Best of the Belgians!"

I had no idea I would have so much fun at the

Independent Bar's Cheers to Belgian Beers! event Tuesday night, where distributors and brewery representatives handed out samples of Belgian beers for $1.50 a pop.

Brewers may have the sexiest job, but distributors and brewery reps need some love, too. After Tuesday night's event, I have a real appreciation for them.

As the sun set behind the Independent's converted garage on Florida Avenue, the reps lined up their Belgian beers, which included many Trappist offerings. That means monks are making them, as they have for centuries. And it usually means they're good.

A few beers being served up Tuesday are brand new to the United States, including a particular offering from Brewery Wolf, which I was told made its U.S. debut at the Independent.

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"You won't find a three-course tasting menu at The Independent, unless you count a few small plates and three different craft brews. What you will find is an exceptional array of serious beer, a relaxed and casual neighborhood atmosphere, and pub fare that has no right to be as good as it is. Whether it's grilled cheese or bratwurst, every dish has more going on than you'd first expect, from poppy seed vinaigrette to onion jam -- all made in-house."


The Independent: Quality Coffee & Eclectic Charm - 

Thanks to  of for this nice feature! 

Owner Veronica Vellines opened the bar in October 2009 after seeing the success the original bar had in downtown St. Petersburg. A few months later she opened the café. Vellines relies on the quality of her products to bring in the crowd by serving vintage, rare and seasonal beers as well as various wines. When choosing what coffee and espresso to serve, she decided on the local brew Kahwa Coffee Roasting, a roasting company in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The espresso has a smooth finish and compliments the fresh pastries the Independent prepares. The drink menu offers lattes of various varieties as well as teas. The café is also known for their tasty fare from Bavarian pretzels, veggie burgers, a gourmet cheese platter and grilled beer bratwurst. Their most popular menu item is a grilled cheese sandwich made with Gouda and spiced pears.  

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