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Updated Full Tap and Bottle List for the Independent Bar Tampa

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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale / Barleywine now on Tap @ the Independent bar Tampa 

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is an award winning example of the English Barley Wine style. It boasts a dense, fruity bouquet; an extremely rich, intense, bittersweet palate; and a deep, reddish-brown color. This ale is superbly balanced between an almost overpowering maltiness and a wonderfully bittersweet hoppiness. Now fresh on tap at Independent Bar and Cafe, Tampa


La Trappe Quadrupel on tap at the Independent Bar Tampa 

La Trappe Quadrupel on tap now at the Independent Bar Tampa! "When the farming business could no longer provide the basic support, the leading abbot, Nivardus Schweykart, decided to start a small brewery in 1884. Beer was the preferred drink of the people, so there were plenty of breweries. Nivardus Schweykart, himself the son of a brewer, sent monk Isidorus Laaber to Munich to learn the brewing process." 

Here at the Independent Bar Tampa, we obviously take our beers pretty seriously, and still for us the concept of a monastery brewing beer with all the history and experience of the old world gives us a lot of excitement whenever we have the oportunity to get these rare brews on tap. 

Enter De Koningshoeven Brewery in the Netherlands; the only Trappist brewing abbey not in Belgium. Their Quadrupel in the original Trappist tradition is an exceptional brew, cellar aged, and being a Quad it's even stronger than a triple. A unique Trappist beer, it's put in the cellars of the abbey for further fermentation for a year before it gets to see the light of day again. The strongest beer offered by the brewery, La Trappe is at an ABV or 10% and has aromas that blossom while in the glass. This amber colored brew has a warm taste and is full and well-balanced. A little bit sweet and pleasantly bitter.

On tap for a limited time with a limited availability. 

Independent Bar


Ommegang Adoration: Now on Tap at the Independent Bar Tampa 

Ommegang Adoration now on tap at the Independent Bar Tampa   Ommegang Adoration, brewed in the authentic style of Belgian winter, or noel beer, is dark, strong, malty and assertively spiced.

 At 10% abv Adoration is not a lightweight beer, and while the brewery suggests that it is best sipped before a roaring fire, or on a sleigh ride over the hills to Grandma’s house (while letting a designated driver drive the sled), here in Florida's mild winters we can say that it is also a tasty accompaniment to hearty foods, and as an excellent apertif sipping beer.  Even at the strong abv, the beer is well-balanced and not at all hot or fiery. The dark malts give it lush, malty flavors and aromas, strongly complemented by the five spices, including coriander, cumin, mace, cardamom and grains of paradise. Hopping is modest, as befits such a beer.

This beer has apparently sold out from Ommegang due to it's popularity, so this may be your last chance to get it this year. Stop on in to try this excellent seasonal beer, and pretend that you are in the frozen north; available only for a limited time. 


Lagunitas Bavarian DoppelWeizen on Tap at the Independent Bar Tampa 

Now on tap at the Independent Bar Tampa: Lagunitas Bavarian Styled Doppel Weizen! 

This is a limited beer that is now available at the Independent Bar Tampa. 

Lagunitas DoppelWeizen available at the Independent Bar, Tampa's World Class Beer Bar! Lagunitas has been in the process of constructing a larger brewery to increase production of their excellent beers, and Rolec, the fellows that are building it brought along some very special Bavarian Yeast as a gift, which Lagunitas Brewery then took and used to make this very special beer. But as will all things Lagunitas, they have turned it up a notch. 

This DoppelWeizen is unfiltered and a goldenrod yellow in pouring, the aromas are white peppers, bannanas, cloves and fruit spice. Tastes follow the aroma, with the wheat and the malt kicking in, a bit of alcohol tinge, and a sweet finish balanced by some tartness. Overall a pleasantly complex taste, mixed with 9% ABV makes for a potent brew that is also enjoyable. A winner! Come try some today at the Independent Tampa, a world class Beer Bar


Swamp Head Brewery's Blackwater Ale on tap @ Independent Bar 

Recent Best Of Show Winner, Swamp Head's Blackwater Ale is now on tap at the Independent Bar Gainesville's Swamp Head Brewery recently won best of show with their Blackwater Floridian Dark Ale at the Best Florida Beer Championships. To toast this recent victory they are re-releasing Blackwater for your drinking pleasure, and we have this limited release on tap at the Independent Bar Tampa! 

A medium bodied beer with tastes of  citrus hop resin, a pate of sweet to tart citrus that rolls on the tongue, and a hint of dark roasted malts give this beer both a refreshing drink and a interesting flavor.

Have a glass while it lasts at the Independent Bar Tampa!